Congratulations on your decision to invest with Mike. I’m proud to be South Florida’s Biggest, Baddest Wholesaler. In my relentless search for DEEPLY discounted properties, I’ll increase your net worth, send you on vacation, put your kids through college, secure your retirement, and put a smile on your spouse’s face.
Graduating from Duke University was a highlight of my life, but oddly enough, it isn’t what makes me the successful, full-time wholesaler that I am today. Instead, it is an unstoppable, unrelenting, innate drive to be the best. Check out the inspiring clip below that sums up my approach to having “ridiculous, sickening, work ethic.”

Fight Interview

Now back to being the best….I love, train and compete in mixed martial arts (MMA). Over the years, I’ve found that   the same traits needed for fighting and competition  –  discipline, dedication, hard-work, determination, a winning attitude, persistence and fearlessness –  translate directly to my business; it’s who I am at the deepest level. I strive to outwork the competition and accept nothing less than my very best in all that I do.



Glad you asked.
1. My team and I are absolute MARKETING MONSTERS! Here are a few of our guerilla tactics:
  • Bandit Signs
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Local Flyers
  • Direct Mail to Absentee Owners, Divorce, Evictions, Free & Clear Properties, Probates, and Other Niches
  • Massive Internet Exposure
  • Vanity Number Franchisees
2. Rest assured that we are actively bidding at both local and online auctions…… daily.
3. I have extensive connections with asset managers and some of the best REO agents in Port Saint Lucie, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. I also get an overwhelming number of leads from attorneys, colleagues and acquaintances through both professional and social networks including membership in several local REIA clubs.
4. I have an ARMY of bird dogs. Most of our bird dogs sign up through my mutually lucrative referral program (You Can Learn More and Join Here For FREE). Hundreds of leads are submitted for analysis every week.
5. Sometimes we have to kidnap the cats of REO agents and hold them for ransom. It’s a dirty business, but someone has to do it.
6. Other creative tactics and “insider” advantages give me a huge competitive advantage. I won’t pull back the curtain on these, but you can still reap the fruits of my labor.
I’ve spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars, learning and earning in this business and have been personally mentored by two of the largest Real Estate Investors in our market. By combining their experienced guidance with my own networks, abilities and creative marketing tactics, I’m able to find and secure the best distressed real estate deals in South Florida today. I hope you take the time to peruse the site and look forward to helping you reach all of your financial and educational goals through real estate.
P.S. I promised you an inspirational video. I watch it almost daily for added motivation (especially @ 1:20). Check it out here and connect with me on Facebook for tons more, I’m posting new stuff each week. :)


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